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About Our Educational Foundation  

The Covey Educational Foundation
 The purpose of our foundation is to help give a reasonable and good education to
individuals or group of individuals that are in poverty. Without the help of privately funded
financial aid they would otherwise have either no education or have to drop out of school
to support their family, or even just themselves, and continue in the cycle of poverty.

Some of our aid, supported solely by donors like you, go to help feed a family so the child
is not forced to go to work to keep daily food available for a sustaining diet. That child is
then able to spend that time attending school. Our aid also funds direct education to schools
that will educate a child at no cost to the child's family. In many countries there is no
government funding of education, or the funding by the government is so sparse that a fee
is placed on the family for a child to attend.

We also fund some education for adults to achieve a better paying job to support their family.
An example of this is where teaching English to an adult will increase their chances of a better
job, such as that of a tour guide for foreigners or even a waitress/waiter that can interpret
a menu or help solve a problem between the foreigner and the restaurant. His or her education
in speaking English more than likely resulted in a higher salary.

Please take note: We try very hard to keep all the foundation expenses under 15% of income,
and using 85% OR MORE to directly fund individuals or groups in need of educational support to
break the cycle of poverty.We take seriously the value of education and the act of volunteerism.
  Thank you for your support.


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